Previous this past residency, fellow MFAIA student David Neufeld and myself have been taking steps to create a space for students to collaborate visually. During our first residency we support dancers and performers in the program carving out time and space to collaborate, move, and create, but once these things were in place we felt there was something lacking for visual artists in the program. Just like a performer or dancer is most in their element when they are able to practice their craft, visual artists are in their element when they are able to create something with their hands. Just as many dancers in our G group placed importance on connecting with each other’s art through doing, we found that lacking for those who are visually oriented. David was able to gain access into the painting building located near the Elliot D Pratt Library, and while he was there discovered two printing presses that had long been out of use. After discussion between the two of us and discussing our concerns with the college, we were granted permission to move one of the presses to the design building to use. With the generous help of a few maintenance workers on campus and a few fellow students, we were able to get the printing press from the second floor of the painting building to the ground floor of the design building. Metcalf F14 P1 6 With some printing supplies I brought from home and a little bit of creative thinking (lacking a sink to soak paper in, we used a bucket) we were able to create a drypoint and run the first print on that press in about 15 years. While we were working Joshua DeMello, another student, found us working and was able to take time to share the experience with us and create a print of his own. In the future, David and I hope to expand the design building as a working space, and are currently in discussion about ways that we will be able to to supply the building and open the space responsibly during the MFAIA residency.